TASHKOO has the capability to design and integrate complete systems and solutions in the form of Turn-Key solutions. These services starts from site visit to complete system commissioning and maintenance. Many other technology suppliers only supply a portion of our services , this is our role to integrate the required system and equipment from leading manufacturers and add our values of technical assurance , system built and design and supply a final working solution to our customers.

Project Management

An international and structured project management methodology would be used during project management. Many governmental and large organisation prefer PRINCE2 method to match their own in house project management method. This is also TASHKOO preferred management method the principles of PRINCE2 are as follows:

- Continued Project Justification

- Learn from experiences

- Define roles and responsibilities

- Manage by stages

- Manage by expectation

- Focus on products

- Tailor to suit the project environment

TASHKOO directors and project managers are PRINCE2 certified and can assigned in different project positions.

Basic and Front End Engineering Designs (FEED)

A site survey and calculations of systems parameters in needed for many industrial projects prior to any formal request for proposal.

TASHKOO system designs will be based on the available customer information, for more complex projects, additional information would be required to be collected during a site survey and technical meetings with the operators and users of the required system. a Functional Design Specification (FDS) document with complete survey report will be prepared and served to customer. this is specially applies to complex network communication systems such as multi-site PMR , fibre optic system, Data Networking , PAGA systems and Telephone systems.


Detailed Design

During the Detailed design individual block diagram and interconnection diagram will be generated, also detailed design specifications would be generated using the FEED documents and project philosophy documents for telecom and related systems. Detailed design documents will be completed by incorporating customer and supplier comments. Alternative solutions and design may be concluded from the technical interaction of TASHKOO engineering team with customer and suppliers technical team during detailed design process.

TASHKOO have access to a professional and experienced engineers for detailed design process, AutoCAD drawings will be provided when needed.


System Built

Systems will be built and tested in manufacturer workshops, TASHKOO engineers supervise different stages of the integration and tests to assure the production process complies with project approved documentations. on the completion of system built a formal Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) can be arranged with the attendance of customer representatives, if this was required.


Field Works (Installation & Commissioning)

TASHKOO has a team of engineers for system installations and commissioning, for many projects manufacturers installation technicians and engineers will be also part of the team.

System commissioning will be based on an agreed Site Acceptance Test Procedure (SAT) which will be generated and approved during Detailed Design Engineering.

Project Documentations

Specification and drawings generated during detailed design will be modified and upgraded to generate As-Built documents and would be part of project final dossier (PFD).

Format and contents of project final dossier (PFD) will be agreed with customer to meet project or program general documentation numbering and specifications.


Customer engineers training will be conducted by TASHKOO in manufacturer or customer premises. For some of the offered systems TASHKOO engineers have enough knowledge and are accredited by the principal manufacturers to provide the training courses.