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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System is a private TV system (‘closed system’) used for the visual supervision and observation of certain critical Production/Process areas and operations.

A CCTV system consists of strategically located fixed and PTZ cameras/lens, video signal analysis control and switching equipment/ monitors and video recorders and storage, virtual matrix switching /control equipment and workstation monitors.

In an industrial complex the CCTV systems will be used for Process and Security purposes. The main objective of a process CCTV system is to enable Plant Control Rooms to monitor all essential production process areas such as unmanned machinery, critical equipment rooms, critical operations, flare areas, and personnel movements. The security CCTV is used for observations at main site entrances and gates, viewing along and adjacent to perimeter fences/walls, at entrances to buildings, within buildings in halls and room entrances and provides a visual record of all activities within a facility at all critical locations wherever rigid /robust security control is required.

The system will provide 24 hour /365 day camera and video recorded coverage of all points along the perimeter fence/wall and at all building entrances including all emergency exits and perimeter fence/wall entrance/exit gates. Fixed colour cameras will be located along each perimeter fence line to provide a continuous 24 hours/365 day remote view and video recording of the complete site perimeter. The perimeter wall/fence will be divided into coverage zones/sections.

The designed CCTV system will be used for observing /viewing and play-back of video for any unwanted intrusions in the allocated coverage zone /section area.

TASHKOO offered CCTV systems will be designed, installed, and programmed in a manner to allow for ease of operation, programming, servicing, maintenance, testing, and upgrading of the system. The CCTV systems will be designed, engineered, installed, and tested to ensure all components are fully compatible as a system and can be integrated with all associated security subsystems, whether the system is a stand-alone or a complete network.

TASHKOO is able to offer IP based CCTV systems when cameras will be interconnected to workstation monitors and recording equipment via a dedicated LAN and “virtual” matrix switch/servers. The IP codecs will be used to convert the camera video and control data (for PTZ) signals into IP compatible MPEG-4 video streams and data. IP codecs shall interconnect to the dedicated LAN.


For Oil and Gas complexes, TASHKOO is able to design and provide explosion proof type of cameras, lense and telemetry controls suitable for surveillance in harsh marine/EX environment and capable of personnel and vessel detection in total darkness. The Pan & Tilt units are capable of panning over a range of 350° or more and tilting up to ± 90° from the horizontal, with limits to be adjustable. In Wash and wipe units Electro-polished Stainless steel 316 tank, having 5 litres capacity and ATEX approved, shall be provided for each camera.


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